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Why Join MHM?

MHM is a small business whose corporate culture rests in the foundation of strategic growth through focused opportunities and the right people. MHM is a company that employs highly skilled employees in advanced technology specialization areas. Since MHM's inception, it has continually grown year-after-year in part because it has been able to attract and retain an outstanding team of employees that become trusted advisors to our customers and not just contract support employees.

The Right Culture

At MHM each employee is an important part of the company - you are not just a number. Our professionals have a number of employment options and have chosen MHM because each and every employee plays a vital role. The principals and executives of MHM are very engaged in all aspects of the company and encourage a direct working relationship with each employee. Successful growth of a small business should be symbiotic with the successful growth of its employees. To this end, MHM implements a Professional Development Plan for each employee. The employee Professional Development Plans are created and updated annually by the employee together with the company and serve as a blueprint for success.

The Right Environment

MHM employees sit at the forefront of technology advances. In an unsure environment, government and commercial entities move to cost saving/footprint reducing projects. MHM's work in 1) cloud technology and architecture, 2) cyber security and information awareness and 3) large data analytics implementation, focuses on the technology initiatives that provide the customer with the solutions to today's problems. Turnover is costly to the company and disruptive to our clients as well as the employee and their family. As a result, MHM strives to create a corporate environment that promotes high employee satisfaction through professional growth and opportunities and striking the correct balance between work and family. Join the MHM team to make a difference and feel good about what you do and where you work. MHM is the small business in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

The Right Benefits

At MHM we developed our set of benefits based on what benefits are important to employees, what would allow us to successfully compete for the high level of talent in our domain and what we wanted to provide ourselves and our family. From this, MHM developed and offers a comprehensive, competitive benefits package including:

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance Full-time employees are eligible to participate in MHM's group health, dental and vision insurance plans. Current Health coverage is a PPO plan provided by Anthem BlueCross Blue Shield. Current Dental and Vision coverage are provided by Guardian. MHM covers a significant portion of the employee's health coverage premium.

Life & Disability Insurance Programs Each full-time employee is enrolled in MHM's Life, AD&D & Disability Programs (including Short and Long Term Disability) at no cost to the employee. Current coverage is provided through Guardian.

401(k) All full-time and part-time regular employees are eligible to participate in the MHM Innovations, Inc. 401(k) P/S Plan. Employees may elect to defer a portion of their salary (up to the yearly maximum established by the IRS) into the Plan. Employees will have the option of participating in (1) a traditional 401(k) whereby pre-taxed dollars will be placed in selected investment options or (2) a Roth 401(k) whereby after-tax dollars will be placed in selected investment options. In addition, MHM will make a safe harbor contribution equal to 3% of your salary compensation which is fully vested upon contribution. MHM's 401(k) is managed by ING/Capital One.

Other Benefits: In addition to the benefits listed above, MHM provides a generous PTO program including all federal holidays as well as other employees benefits such as a Tuition Reimbursement Program, Employee Assistance Program, Corporate Employee Discount Programs, Employee Referral Program and others.