Our Core Competencies

MHM is a company of people with proven expertise and with many years of successful experience in our core business areas. MHM seasoned associates bring multi-disciplinary approaches to the application and exploitation of new and emerging technologies into existing platforms, systems and enterprises. MHM core business areas include:

Program Management

Certified project and program management; contracting and acquisitions; program execution from planning to deployment; Cross program coordination; Group facilitation and representation; PM training using PMI standards to all levels of employees and managers; budget/financial management and analysis.

Systems Engineering & Integration/Software Engineering

Systems Engineering management; Engineering and technical analyses; software development and integration services.


Enterprise Architecture; Data Architecture; Cloud Computing; Advanced Analytics; Artificial Intelligence; FMV; Algorithm Development Biometrics; Multilevel Security; Architecture & Interoperability Assessments.


Cloud-based Cyber Security Engineering; Cloud-based Security Assessment; Information System Security Engineering; Configuration Management; Security Authorization/Security Certification & Accreditation; IA assessments, evaluations and continuous monitoring; Security Authorization, Development of all C&A documentation; Compliance with Intelligence Community (IC), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), Cyber Security and other Federal IA mandates.

Acquisition Management

Preparation of acquisition strategies, plans, performance work statements, statements of work, and statements of objectives; Support of source selection planning and execution; Manpower analysis.

Administrative & IT Support

Performance of administrative duties for executive management; Administration of client knowledge portals.